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Official Yafa Hirbawi Kufiya / Keffiyeh - Palestinian Scarf

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Yafa (يافا) or “Jaffa”, meaning beauty in Canaanite, is the name given to the largest city in historic Palestine, before the 1948 Nakba. With a broad view of the Mediterranean coastline, this kufiya is inspired by the gentle seaside of this great port city.

The deep blue zig-zag pattern on a black background represents the sea's gentle waves during the warm summer nights of Yafa.

The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as Kufiya, Keffiyeh or Hatta. Unfortunately, the local manufacturing of the symbol of the Palestinian struggle for freedom is vanishing as most Kufiyas sold around the world and even in Palestine are made in China or India. Today, only one factory remains in Palestine: The Hirbawi family in Hebron continues to weave the only original Kufiya made in Palestine. has now joined's effort to save Palestine's last kufiyas production factory. By trading the Hirbawi Kufiyas, our aim is to reverse the current trend and revive the local traditional production of the Palestinian scarves.

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