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Abú Wear | United in Solidarity for Palestine & Latest Hirbawi Stock Updates.

Dear Abú Wear Community,

In these profound moments of global unrest and personal challenge, our message is not just an update; it's a call to arms, a rallying cry for solidarity, and a commitment to making a difference. The recent events in Gaza have deepened our resolve and have starkly reminded us of the power of collective action.

As a small family business, we've been overwhelmed with your response and support. We're working tirelessly to balance the influx of queries and orders. Your patience and understanding in this high-pressure situation are not just appreciated; they are the lifeblood of our mission.

Hirbawi Kufiyas: The Latest updates and Upcoming Stock

I recently had a profound conversation with our partners at Hirbawi. This call was more than just business; it was a reaffirmation of our shared values and commitment to cultural preservation. We discussed the upcoming batch of kufiyas, and I'm excited to share that the following variants will be available, in line with Hirbawi's estimates, all going to plan by the end of January:

  • Traditional White and Black
  • Shami
  • Red and White
  • Hebron
  • Inverted
  • Palestine Flag
  • Saoirse
  • Mar Saba (Olive)
  • Tactical / Pure Black
  • Dheisheh
  • Royal
  • Green and White
  • Tabariya

Further variants will follow in the subsequent months. Each collection of kufiyas represent a symbol of resilience, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the Palestinian people.

In the midst of unprecedented demand, we at Abú Wear are both humbled and invigorated by your overwhelming support. Thousands of kufiyas have been ordered, reflecting not just a trend, but a movement.

We have diligently communicated the pre-ordered quantities to our esteemed partners at Hirbawi. This crucial step enables them to accurately assess demand and produce each piece with the care and quality they deserve. Recognizing the eagerness of our community to receive these threads of resilience, we have begun to partially fulfill orders where possible, even if it means incurring additional costs.

This is our commitment to ensuring that these symbols of solidarity reach your hands at the earliest opportunity. As we navigate through the tremendous volume of orders and pre-orders, we ask for your continued patience.

Rest assured, any surplus stock will be made available over the coming days on our website. Your support and understanding during this time are not just appreciated; they are essential in weaving this tapestry of collective strength and resilience.


The Tragedy in Gaza: A Mirror to Our Collective Responsibility and Drawing Parallels with South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Movement

The recent tragedy in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp, with over 90 lives lost, is a stark reminder of the urgency and importance of our mission. The attack on Farhana school in Gaza's Khan Younis, which tragically claimed the lives of Al Jazeera journalist Samer Abudaqa, Palestinian journalist Rami Budair, and three members of the civil defense team, is a stark reminder of the peril faced by those on the frontlines of reporting and humanitarian efforts. This incident, alongside the grievous injury of Al Jazeera's Gaza chief Wael Dahdouh, underscores the dangers journalists and civilians face in conflict zones. In the face of such adversity, we are called upon not just to witness, but to act.

Our collective response to the crisis in Gaza echoes the global action against South Africa's apartheid. Businesses and individuals then made strategic choices that were pivotal in dismantling an unjust regime. Today, we stand at a similar crossroads, where our choices and actions have the power to effect real change.
By choosing Abú Wear, you are doing much more than buying a product. You are joining a movement, echoing the spirit of anti-apartheid warriors, and contributing to a cause that transcends geographical boundaries. Your purchase is a statement of solidarity, a commitment to the Palestinian cause, and a step towards a more just world.


A Unified Call to Action

This is our call to arms. We urge you to share this message, to raise awareness, to stand in solidarity with those whose voices are stifled by conflict. Your voice, your support, and your choices can and do make a difference.

Our Promise: To Uphold Your Trust and Our Values

We are deeply grateful for your support and patience. It's your belief in our mission that fuels our commitment. Together, we are more than a brand and its customers; we are a community united in a cause, a force for change, and a beacon of hope.

Go raibh maith agat (thank you) for being part of this journey, for standing with us, and for making a difference.

In solidarity,

Ryan and the Abú Wear Team